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The gauges are designed in accordance with safety specifications of ASME B 40.1 and DIN 16006. The safety design consists of a solid wall between pressure sensing element and the window. In addition to protecting users from fluid and particles in the event of failure, the back of the gauges are designed to blow out and release the pressure inside the case. The designs provide a better safety for monitoring the gauge in the event of gauge failures. The gauges are widely used in chemical and petrochemical processing, food and beverage processing industries, plastic and paper manufacturing plants, oceanographic engineering, and various engineering projects.

面徑: 4 1/2英吋
外殼: 酚醛
巴登管: 標準S.S. 316, 或 Monel
內機: S.S. 304 Rotary Geared
接頭: 標準S.S. 316, 或 Monel
鏡面: Polycarbonate (PC)
指針: 鋁, 微調型
面板: psi, kPa, bar, or kg/cm2 單或雙刻劃
接續部: 1/4", 1/2" NPT, BSP (JIS available)
壓力範圍: 真空, 聯成, 0-20,000 psi
精確度: ±0.5% F.S. - ASME Grade 2A

285.13: LM 直立式
285.43: LBM 埋入式

Solid Front
Blow-Out Disk on the Back
Liquid Fillable or Filled Optional
Temperature Compensated
Micro-adjustable Pointer
Heavy Duty SS Bushed Movement with Overload and Underload Stop

Glycerin Filling
Silicone Filling
Snubber Screw installed in socket
Oxygen Cleaning (Dry only)
Red Set Hand
Tempered Glass Lens (Heat Treated Glass)
Plain Glass Lens
Receiver Gauge
Special Dial
Calibration Certificate 


4 1/2" 酚醛壓力計:
285.13 Lower Mount 直立式





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Stainless Steel 316 Ti Stem for long-lasting life span to be exposed under extreme conditions.
Important components make the accuracy accurate.

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